13 Marriage Advice for you

1. When Looking for couples. 
Do not seek a wife, but look for a mother to our children. Do not look for her husband, but look for a father to our children. 

2. When to Apply. 
You are not being asked to the parents / guardians of the girl, but ask for God by the parent / guardian of the girl. 

3. When Akad Nikah. 
You're both not married in the presence of the prince, but married in the sight of God, if God wills, who witnessed the Angel. 

4. When the Wedding Reception. 
Record and count all the guests who come to your mendoa'kan, kerana you should think to invite them all and apologize if you think for DIVORCE kerana wasting their prayers. 

5. When the First Night. 
Grateful and patient. Your child is a human being and not a pair of a pair of angels. 

6. Taking Over the Family Life. 
Sedarilah that the road would not be passed through the flower-studded, but also full of bushes and thorns. 

7. When Shaky Household. 
Do not mutually innocent hands, but instead they were more tightly holding hands. 

8. When Not to Have Children. 
Love your wife or your husband 100% 

9. When a child has been. 
Love your wife or your husband 100% and love your children 100%, respectively. 

10. When the Family Declining Economy. 
Rest assured bahawa provision would be wide open door directly proportional to the level of adherence to the husband and wife. 

11. When Developing Economy. 
Do not forget the services of a spouse who faithfully support us during suffering. 

12. When Your Husband Is. 
May indulge to the wife but do not forget to rise responsibly when wives need your help. 

13. When your wife is. 
Keep walking with gemalai and gentle, but always managed to finish all the work. 

A bit of admin can hopefully be learning and we stock someday if married life.
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