Manchester United vs Chelsea Prediction May 5, 2013

Manchester United vs Chelsea Prediction May 5, 2013. Chelsea will travel to Old Trafford in the Premier League on match day to 36. Armed with a crucial victory in the Europa League Basel counter, the Blues berharapap can steal the full points. 3 additional points will further strengthen the position of Chelsea in the Premier League standings rank 3. As for Manchester United's next match will have no effect at all with the MU position in the standings. The Red Devils have clinched the English Premier League on match day to 34 after beating Aston Villa 3-0. This action can indeed be an opportunity Fergie to drop his young players in order to increase flight hours. However, given the prestige of both teams, where Chelsea are the team who knocked out Manchester United in the FA Cup quarter-finals, Fergie certainly do not want to be embarrassed in the stable itself. Some of the main pillars such as Robin Van Persie, Michael Carrick and David De Gea is likely to remain in the starting line up.

Playing at Old make MU more favored in the prediction of Manchester United vs Chelsea. Moreover, Robin Van Persie and his friends will also have nothing to lose. MU stable performance of the season to be unmatched. Even by Manchester City English Premier League champions last muism. The arrival of Van Persie to Old Trafford to make a sharp line of attack MU increasingly sharp. Duet with Wayne Rooney became the scourge of every opposing team. Currently Van Persie topped the list while the Premier League top scorers with 25 goals. Luis Suarez was rated second with 23 goals. Van Persie have this opportunity for the Golden Boot in the Premier League this season more wide open after Suarez ban sanctions must undergo as many as 10 games with a bite sleeve Ivanovic. In the stronghold of the players who are not living bermaterikan less flashy. Frank Lampard as the name has been attached with the Blues. The Living Legend Chelsea prepares to become all-time leading scorer for his club. In addition a number of the main pillars will also be lowered Benitez in a fight that will take place next May 5, 2013. Author line of attack Chelsea Eden Hazard will duet with Juan Mata playing behind Fernando Torres or Demba Ba.

Duel full prestige of the two teams in the Premier League would surely run fierce. Coupled with tight jockeying for position three Premier League between Chelsea, Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur make predictions Chelsea vs Manchester United should be listened to witness the match that will be broadcast live by MNC TV Sunday, May 5, 2013 21:30 pm

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